Saturday, January 6, 2007

Take the A-Train

Well today was no messing around. Alex and I have found time for fun and adventure, but come travel day, we go into our serious mode. We spent the evening of the 4th briskly walking up and down the side streets peeking in coffee shop doors looking for internet access. Before the evening was over we were at a small snack bar ordering "Kip Corn" which I think is some sort of breaded chicken sausage. For 2 Euros, I've quickly found that they make a good cheap snack, as well as a cheap entry fee into a wifi enabled diner.

One kip corn and ice cream bar later, and we had sketched out our rough plan for arriving in Germany. Extremely budgeted, tired, and lacking time to get some key information, Alex and I decided we'd have to visit Heidleburg on the next lap.

We purchased our train tickets a day in advance (the 4th) and were packed and ready to get up early our final morning in Amsterdam. Everything went off without a hitch. While our STA didn't appear to do us much good, (all discounted 2nd class tickets were sold through at the train station) we were able to catch a good special on the 1st class seats. Instead of paying a whopping 112Euro per 2nd class ticket, I purchased a 90Euro ticket for 1st class. The deal had something to do with a second purchased ticket being at half off. I'm fairly sure STA had absolutely no dealing in this, as I was never asked to show my card. STA hasn't done anything for us outside of purchasing our original tickets.

Regardless, today's arrival in Frankfurt has gone much smoother than our initial entry into Europe. We arrived at the train station a healthy 45minutes before departure, and enjoyed our discounted 1st class, 4 hour ride to Frankfurt. Instead of riding the train all the way to Central Station, we instead got off at the Airport station and, after a few questions to the locals, found our way to the hotel information desk.

From there, its been pie. We have ourselves a full sized, Courtyard Marriot room for our final European evening. As full of character as my Amsterdam cell was, a large bed full of clean sheets accompanying a hot shower is just what I needed. The internet isn't free, but hey, nothings perfect.

After a quick detour in Bahrain, its off to New Delhi tomorrow.


big sista said...

First Class, huh? Now that's my kind of travel arrangements! I hope my journey to Israel in the summer is as exciting as your travels sound! We're all living vicariously through you, so keep up the great journal entries. I love them!!! I almost cried when I read that you would be with Reed and family in New Delhi, India as early as tomorrow. You are so blessed, Jesse. Please give them our love. We sure do miss all of you so very much.

mom said...

sounds like you are doing great. hope you have had some communication with reed and angie. give them hugs and kisses from me.

angels surround you,

Anonymous said...

Hey dude. It's your old pal Kyle. Hope all is well and the travels aren't wipin' ya out. Enjoy it man while you have the chance. You know i guess i never told you how much i admire what you are doing and who you are as a person and as a friend. All our lives we've had these "dreams" and you actucally are making yours a reality. I'm proud to be called your friend. Have fun and take it all in. See you soon enough.