Monday, January 22, 2007

A Southern Indian Lunch

Yesterday afternoon, my brother Reed took us for a drive downtown to an area of Delhi called Connaught Place. Its a very busy area of the city where a lot of hotels, markets, and nightlife reside.
We went in search of a restaurant recomended in the Foder's Travel Guide. We found it on the first floor of the Janpur Hotel, a restaurant specializing in Southern Indian cuisine. Much like the US, foods vary dramatically from region to region. This was my first taste of India's South, and it was pretty good!
The large order you see on Reed's plate is called a "Paper Dosa." Alex's plate has a coconut Dosa as well. The meal on my plate is called a uttapam, which in my case was a mix of vegetable, coconut, and onion. We splite the three different orders equally and gave them all tries.

Upon Reed's making clear, all three orders came with plenty of spice and were all pretty good. I think we all agreed that the Coconut Dosa reigned king though. With some extra coconut spice to spread on everything in sight, we were able to pillage the place and leave the plates empty in probably no less than 10 minutes. Ahhhh a true Southern Indian meal!


Big sista said...

Dude! You've come a long way from chicken finers and ranch dressing! The southersn Indian food looks really good and you all three look like you're having a great time. Please email more photos of you with the fam! Be safe buddy. I love you!

Danielle Farrell said...

I'm sooo jealous and happy for you! I miss you, email me sometime!