Sunday, January 7, 2007

An Interesting Detour

We got our morning call at 7:45 bright and early. I'm probably running on 2 or 3 hours of sleep thanks to an over extended nap I allowed myself when we first arrived in Frankfurt. After a quick shower I was good to go though.

After a much needed full buffett breakfeast, we pointed ourselves towards the Frankfurt Airport. It was a little nerve racking what with the slow moving security line and the realization we were embarking on our first Arabic flight carrier.

Gulf Air treated us well and made for a hassle-free landing. Here are some interesting notes I jotted down during the flight:
  • Large, Airbus 340 featuring tv's in each seat.

  • Remote controls are attached by wire to the armrests.

  • Over 20 channels to choose from

  • I wathed a Rolling Stones documentary as well as Johnny Cash's Walk the Line

  • Last channel displays alternating maps with flight status while Muslim prayer songs play

  • First music station (not on tv) is also prayers

  • Temperature of cabin during flight went from chilly to uncomfortably warm

  • Temp. Control is not a priority here or in Germany for that matter

  • Germans have no A/C in the summer, considered unneccessary

I'm now sitting in the airport at Bahrain. We have a 5 hour layover here and its been interesting. The few hours already spent here have been some of the most interesting on this trip yet. If for no other reason, my curiousity.

The overwhelming majority of people are Muslim. Most dress in traditional garb, some have very specific outfits and I suspect that they are religious clerics of some sort. The exchange rate was a big surprise. I was expecting favorable rates for the US dollar, but was surprised to discover that that 1 Bahrainian Dinar is the equivalent of 2.65 US dollars. Here are Alex and I thinking we'll kill five hours eating like kings, instead we're still holding off until our stomachs can growl no more.

The gift shop is full of assorted locally made items that are quite unique to the area. Everything from handmade prayer rugs to high-quality metal oil lamps (yes, many resemble Alladins') abound in the gift shop. I haven't purchased anything yet, but am considering a few neat little items.

So we sit, observe and...wait. And then we go to New Delhi!


Big Sista said...

FOX NEWS ALERT 1-7-07...Britain's Sunday Times...Israel is going to conduct a pre-emptive strike using tactical nuclear weapons in a plan devised to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons program...

Glad you're out of that neck of the woods! Be safe, dude! See ya at the top!

rlyne823 said...

hey this is your favorite waitress from genes..aunt connie told me to come on here and check it out since im always asking where you are and how you are doing...(yes im living threw im glad to hear that you had a safe flight and are doing well. although i have to say that i was a little upset to hear that you were craving star when you were home...there were tears.(what did we ever do to you? LOL) your page is cool and very intresting keep it up. have fun and be safe.