Friday, January 26, 2007

Keep on Keepin on

The last few days have been busy ones. Successful and insightful interviews one day after the other. First, I had the opportunity to sit down with the ACS Chief (American Citizens Services). He's the guy that gets to deal with US citizens who get themselves into jams while they are in India. This can mean criminal issues, natural disasters, indingent citizens or severe health issues. He had all sorts of far out stories to illustrate just how poorly prepared some visitors are. Just last week they actually got a call about some American arrested in a northern province for running stark naked down the villages mainstreet.

The following day was the big catch though. Reed was able to arrange what was originally scheduled to be about a 10 minute private interview with just me, Alex and the US Ambassador to India. Needless to say, a big deal. The Ambassador was a gratious, thoughtful, and incredibly intelligent person.

A native of Rockford, he showcased his sharp memory from the start when he recalled specific details of his visit to Lasalle/Peru back when he was QB for his highschool football team, "I remember looking at their (LP's) defensive frontline and noticing...most of them were missing teeth. They were a tough bunch of boys."

That got my attention early on. He is one of those men who carries himself with a firm, enchanting charisma, looking through you with a rare set of steely eyes. It was an amazing conversation that turned out to go over 30 minutes in length, a compliment to Alex and I, as he turned away his anxious secretary multiple times.

As for today, I'm sitting here (11 pm) still stuffed from dinner. Reed took us out to eat at a trendy restobar not far from the house, called Punjab by Nature.

I'm stuffed because we gorged on a delicious mix of garlic and butter naan along with a giant leg of lamb. Between the three of us, I'm ashamed to admit we were still unable to pick the bones completely clean. It was just so much!

More as it comes...


big sista said...

Impressive interviews, Jess! Can't wait to hear more stories, upon your return to the good 'ol USA! Sounds like Reed is really showing you and Alex a good time. I'm sure Reed DID resolve the problem with regards to the drinking age rule- hahaha! It seems whenever he appears on the scene, things get taken care of. LOL!!! Wish Reed were traveling to China with you guys! ;) Take care. We'll see ya at the top!

Lil Sister said...

Well arent you just the cool one...miss ya <3

Rebecca said...

Jesse Im so jealous of you right now, you are so lucky to have interviewed the US Ambassador for India- such a huge deal. I am learning a lot reading all of these blogs, perfect details. Keep writing, you are wonderful.