Sunday, January 14, 2007

Delhi Downtime

The past 48 hours have been fever ridden accompanied by it's good friend, Mr. Upset Stomach. Its been a bummer, as I intended to have hailed a Tuk Tuk (A three wheeled scooter that seats two with a tent pitched over it) and visited some famous memorials and tombs. Namely, Hamiyans Tomb, which shares much in common with the artchitecture of the Taj Mahal. No worries, delays should be expected on such a trip I suppose.

I'm feeling much better today though. I'm in the process of securing a train ticket to the city of Agra, about a four hour train ride south of Delhi. Agra is the site of the Taj Mahal as well as some other landmarks of equal interest including a massive fortress built by a past Moghul emperor. If all goes well, my next post should be an update from Agra. More as it comes.


Lil Sister said...

Sounds all good, I have nothing to say except I went to R. Grottos in Ottawa last night and I'm like 99% positive some guy there was your Mark. So if you somehow find out if it was or wasnt him let me know, cuz I don't think I can sleep at night. :-) I miss you!

Big sister said...

Lil' sister, what would Mark being doing in Ottawa? Isn't that quite aways from his stomppin ground? Hmmm... I hope you're feeling better, Jess. I'm heading to Circut City tomorrow to see if they'll take back the PS3. Wish me luck. Your haircut looks GREAT, by the way! You look like a regular local- hahaha! Hope you're taking lots of photos. I miss you and love you. See ya at the top!