Wednesday, March 4, 2009

February Recap

Hello hello everyone!

Sorry I haven't updated here much lately. The month has been a busy one, for me and my personal laptop. Shortly after my last update on here, my computer took a dump. After 10 or so days of dealing with that, I got it back up and running. While that was going on, I have also become very busy with my new job. I've started working for EF (English First) which is the world's largest international English training school. They have schools in over 150 countries currently. I'm teaching classes with children as young as six all the way up to adult night courses and day trips to companies.

Two days ago, I landed my first company teaching gig. A driver takes me about 40 minutes out of Xiamen to Black and Deckers headquarters. I'm teaching 15 or so of their executives and managers. Most of them have traveled to the US on business at some point in their time with the company, so it was a lot of fun chatting with them and getting to hear some of their experiences.

The school has been eating up most of my time, but its starting to get a little easier as I adjust along with the learning curve. Hopefully this translates into more time for other priorities such as this maintaining this blog. Through February, I actually accumulated a bunch of photos and videos that I want to share with you, but I just need some time to sit down and do some editing and writing.

This first picture was taken on Valentine's Day. Yes guys, its also celebrated here in China! Hallmark has done their job well! But seriously, it was actually a very lovely day spent with my girlfriend Lupita. Since I had little time to prepare after getting off work at 6, I opted to play it safe and cook up some authentic spaghetti that I had found a few days before at Xiamen's only western food market. A very nice evening!

This is my Scottish manager and friend, Simon, the other night when he came over and cooked up some really good dishes and helped me drink a few BaiJiu's, China's potent little rice wines.
This shot is of a night market that pops up daily just ten minutes walk down the street from my apartment. It really is a trip walking through the market, everything you can imagine eating is there: fish, chickens, rabbit, squid, its all there. I've got some video clips that I'm going to be editing together from when I last walked through. Hopefully I can get those posted soon too!

Miss you all and hope all is well. Look for more updates soon as I start to settle back into a bit of a routine around here.

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