Friday, February 20, 2009

Revolt! Tea Party Brewing in Chicago!


Awesome video of the Chicago exchange trading floor this week. I couldn't resist posting, as this video made my day. The CNBC announcer actually calls for a new TEA PARTY...a Chicago Tea Party dumping the bailouts and stimulus packages into Lake Michigan, and the floor responds quite surprisingly and passionately. Revolution is brewing!

As usual, I discovered this footage thanks to


Morgan said...

Well isn't it great to know that home is falling apart? Haha . On another note, I just watched the last episode of conan I brian and the white stripes was his last musical guest on late night. Too bad meg sang a bit cuz it would have been better if she would have kept her mouth shut but whatever. Still thought that was cool! Ok getting ready to get 6 inches of snow tonight so I gotta go find my shovel!

Rochelle said...

Jesse. This is a friend of Jerry Johnson on Marco Isalnd in Florida. I type up the blogs for him. He would like more news of your life in China since you returned. He misses those newsy blogs.