Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Madness at NPR

Jan 10, 2008:

Romney: "In this time when our economy is a little fragile... not sure where we're head..."

Paul: "I believe we're in a recession. I think it's gonna get a lot worse ... Recession has been predictable, we just don't know exactly when it will come."

Also, Paul gave a well-reasoned argument backing up his position, not just some rhetoric about learning how America's economy works. *--


Hey ya'll,

Quick poll being taken right now on NPR's website. Its a political tournament in the spirit of March Madness. Round 2 is currently Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney as well as other GOP match ups including Sanford, Huckabee, Palin etc...

Speaking of March Madness... I miss my college hoops! Its a little late, but I just learned about a site called, its the source for online live video. I should be able to catch my nba on there live for the rest of the season!

Anywhooo happy voting!


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