Friday, March 20, 2009

English 101

Hello again,Here are a few shots of me teaching etc...On Tuesday evenings I have four 9 year olds who come to my house for private lessons. Its a one hour session, usually a mother or two will come with and sip tea on the balcony or something while I teach. Its a good time all around!

I've also posted some shots of my new phone. Its a local knockoff of the Motorola A1800...touch screen, duel sim cards, mp3, bluetooth etc...all the toys! The software on the phone is even an exact replica. The legitimate Moto retails for roughly 700 USD Stateside. I picked mine up as a gift to myself after payday, it cost farrrrr less, not over 70 USD. Pretty nice eh?


Morgan said...

Well that's a mighty fine phone. Hopefully you won't lose this one, although it's cheap enough to do so! I finally got my iPhone. It's missing some basic features (like a zoom on the camera) but I bought some apps to make up for it. Everything is well in little Sheridan. We had 2 inches of snow last night which I was not happy about but it pretty much melted. I miss you tons! Ttyl

Ps. LOVE your little IRS jar. Very cool

Dad said...

Hey Jess, it looked like beautiful
countryside on that mountain hike.
Pat right in his article.
Have fun enjoy the ride!