Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some Video Clippings of My Surroundings

I spliced together a few different videos I've shot since I arrived. We start at my apartment, then I show the area immediately around my complex, then there is a brief shot of me riding one of the local buses (abnormally empty) as I ride towards the last bus stop for bus #22. Finally an interesting peek at the inside of the Trust Mart (bought by Wal-Mart as of 2007) located at the base of my apartment complex. Then, before it ends, I show some fireworks I managed to catch on film the other night when I came home.

Future videos will hopefully be more coherent, but I wanted to find a way to put all these short clippings together.


Motgan said...

hey! just watched all your videos and such and it looks great!!! i hope to come stay in your sweet guest room asap. kris and i will probably make the journey together one of these days. until then, keep your eye open for pokemon ds games cuz suddenly i have a craving for some old school pokemon stuff. also, mother and i would like you to show lupita sometime! no pictures or nothing?!?! bad boyfriend.....ok ttyl miss you! stay classy

Morgan said...

well, that is if i can spell my own name! ugh ivcc is failing me fo sho

Jesse said...

Thanks, and youre right! I'll be getting more up soon!