Tuesday, April 22, 2008

World on a String Returns!

Vietnam on a String (January 2008)

As you can see, the site has undergone a serious facelift as of recently. While my blog will still feature articles dedicated to travel experiences, the site will now encompass...well, anything I deem worthy. This will include current events, sports, reviews, and maybe even some productions (videos, music).

Besides giving regular updates that analyze the current headlines, I intend to be posting some of my journal entries from my most recent stint overseas. That's right, since last posting on this blog I've returned to Southeast Asia living in Xiamen, China for the first half of 2008. In fact, I've only just returned from there in the past week. Look for highlights of that trip to sporadically be added.

Oh and sports fans, how about the Spurs/Suns opener Saturday afternoon? If you missed it...phew! Possibly one of the best games I can remember seeing ever. Double overtime, big names making big plays on both ends of the floor...I can't wait for Tuesday to get here.

Well, the train is leaving the station folks, make sure you got your ticket!

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