Monday, April 28, 2008

The Cyrstal Ball: NBA Playoffs 2008

Who in June?

Basketball fans will find out soon enough, but in the meantime, I'd like to take a peak into my trusty crystal ball to see what there is to see. Most teams are 4 games deep into their first round matchups leaving little room for any advancement surprises. Despite Detroit's failure to focus in the first few games of their 76ers series, they are finally getting back to old form. Expect to see them playing alongside Cleveland, Boston, and Orlando in the next round. The West semi's will likely feature a Lakers v Utah and New Orleans v San Antonio (Although the Suns had an imressive must-win performance this afternoon).

Outside of Lebron's stellar performance and the expected dominance of Boston throughout the Eastern tournament, there is little else to talk about. I'd be surprised to see anyone other than Boston waiting for whoever surprises the trecherous West.

But ahh, the Western Conference. Some great series await in round 2, and really, from here one out. While the hotly anticipated Spurs/Suns series only has managed to live up to expectations in game 1, prospects such as the possibility of a Deron Williams v Chris Paul Conference Final rest even higher on my future's wish list. And you know what, the prospect of Kobe and the new Kids on the Block facing off against the decade dominant Spurs isn't a bad alternative.

If I've got to pick a single team to come out of the West, I would have to put money on the defending champion spurs. Until someone proves they're better than them, I'm just not believing it. I expected to the Suns would expose any weaknesses the Spurs would have this year, but the truth is, this looks a lot like yesteryear's team. Outside of any injuries to the Spurs Big 3, I think the West is their's to lose.

Surprisingly, Steve Nash is going to bed feeling better then Dallas's Jason Kidd tonight. Kidd was ejected Sunday night, after committing a dangerous frustration foul halfway through the 4th. The Sun's blowout win today thrills me that I get to watch them play again, but I'm only interested if they play with the same intensity they did today.

As for the Finals in June? We may just be seeing Duncan matched up against the newest Jolly Green Giant.

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