Monday, February 12, 2007

Xiamen in a Nutshell

I thought I’d take some time to familiarize everyone with my new residence, Xiamen. For Dr. Grasso’s Chinese Seminar course, the first thing we had to do was round up specific information in our teams. Each team was assigned a different subject, either Xiamen in general, Xiamen University, and China as a whole. The following list is information gathered on the area that should help give an idea as to what sort of place Xiamen is.

Xiamen Info

- Amoi is the old name for Xiamen (Located in the Fujian Province)
- For more info on Xiamen, a good site to visit is It is maintained by the wife of a professor here at Xiada (Xiamen University).
- Xiamen is an island in a sub-tropical climate, resting within the monsoon season belt.

City History

- Major trading post during western imperialism
- Gulanyu is small island, within a 2 minute ferry ride from Xiamen Island
- Was famous for settlement by westerners. Beautiful gardens, courtyards etc…
Gulanyu AKA Piano Island (Highest concentration of piano’s in the world)

o Architecture = combo of traditional Chinese, british colonial, and modern skyscrapers

o Fujian Province is one of China’s richest thanks to trade, int’l airport etc…

o One of China’s 5 original Special Economic Zones from the 1980’s
- Allowing for foreign direct investment from an early start

Xiamen University (Xiada)

- Designated as one of China’s “Key Universities”
- Allows for priority, extra funding and choice in student selection
- Top 10% of schools nationwide
- Key Schools get to give invitation only to students
- Only Key school in a special economic zone.

Students & Faculty

- Over 30,000 students

- 40% of faculty have their Doctorate or equivalent
o 32% of which received degrees abroad and returned
o 1,200 International students
o Over 80 Research facilities
o 4,000 staff on campus
o Home to largest Taiwan Research Institute

Well that’s Xiamen by the numbers. Its an amazing place, small mountains are to my rooms back, the ocean and beach are only a 15 minute walk away, and the students are very kind.

Two nights a week, Chinese and foreigners meet at a place called “English Square” to exchange ideas, practice each other’s languages, etc…Its only a block down from the hotel I’m staying in and is great. Now that the numbers and specifics of the place are out of the way, I’ll start posting more interesting, personal experiences with the city.


Kyle said...

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Morgana said...

hey! it's morgan. i was bored, and it occured to me that i kinda missed you...and i was curious as to what you are doing in other countries. sounds like your having fun, and hopefully you cut your hair!!!! :) your x-mas pics almost made me throw up, ya dang hippie! ok well just seein whats up so email me sometime since i have no life: ttyl

Danielle said...

hey jesse! I read all about your awesome experiences and I can't wait to hear more! except the part about you being sick :( Go out on some more journies and post more beautiful pictures. Hope ur having crazy fun!