Saturday, February 10, 2007

BACK IN THE . . . P.R.C (People's Republic of China)

One week and counting in Xiamen, (pronounced Shaman) China. I haven’t had to time to maintain the blog as often as preferred this first week, as I have been very busy getting settled. Getting from India to Xiamen was no simple little jump.

My first connection was waiting four hours away in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. I had a few hours to kill there. Luckily, the place was much cleaner than Delhi’s rotten airport. In fact, the airport had banners posted advertising its success in winning a worldwide competition as the “world’s best airport 2006.” No gimmick, its top notch.

From there I had another 3 hour jump over to Hong Kong. What a tease, Xiamen is only a 1 hour flight north of Hong Kong, yet I had to sit at the HK Airport for over 5 hours waiting for my connection. Ahh! Alex and I had left Delhi at 11pm Friday night, and had yet to find any real sleep. I had watched the most amazing sunrise of my life (no exaggeration) from Malaysia’s airport. It was one of those huge fireballs you see in National Geographic documentary’s about Africa, only this time it came rolling out from behind some rolling mountains. As beautiful as it was, it served as a reminder that I had yet to get any shuteye, and the day was upon us.
After the dreadful waiting in Hong Kong, our little skip over to Xiamen was short and sweet. By the time I had just closed my eyes and begun to nod off, I felt a huge jolt. Fearful, as it would have been a nervously serious air bubble, it turned out it was actually the feel of our wheels touching down in Xiamen.

My camera is busted, or I’d be posting some pictures to accompany. Somehow, my camera was only willing to work up to the very final days of India…bizarre. I will be borrowing a friends in the meantime, so I can better show my new home for the next 4 months: Xiamen, China.

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