Friday, April 17, 2009

Western Influences: #1

I'm going to be sharing more interesting stories that reveal some of the most surprising aspects of western culture that have found their way into China. For this first installation, I thought I would share a classic American song that has been constantly playing since before I first came to China four years ago.

John Denver's "Country Road." The version I have loaded here is a soft, jazzy cover by Lisa Ono, a Japanese-Brazilian bossa nova singer born in São Paulo. Different and interesting in itself. But the version I most often heard, was a dancified, techno version which I am still desperately trying to find a copy of.

La Bamba, one of the biggest disco's in Xiamen (until its closure late last year) would literally play that song at exactly midnight every Friday and Saturday night for at least 2 solid tops on fire, dancers, confetti, the works...all with Country Road's melody bouncing along over a fat bassline. That may either be your dream come true, or your worst nightmare...either way, you don't forget it. And sometimes you inexplicably go back for me.

The quiet jazz interpretation I've provided here is also very popular. I wouldn't be surprised to hear it in the background of a hotel lobby or something. Enjoy.

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