Thursday, July 3, 2008

JUNE Recap


Well the month of June seemed to come and go before I even knew it. So just some quick thoughts on the middle most month of year.


Boston Celtics (Congrats to showing us some great "team" ball)
Tiger Woods (Awesome performance at the US Open)
Ron Paul (The Revolution continues with a number one NY Times Bestseller and strong showing at GOP State Conventions all across the country; especially in Nevada!)


People who drive a lot ($143 for a barrell of oil? Its only going to get worse)
Midwest Flood Victims (When it rains it poors)
Hillary Clinton (Its been real, its been fun...but it aint been real fun)

Website of the Month

A custom radio website. You tell the site your favorite artists and songs, from there it decodes the music's "genome" to present you with other music that should match your taste. Its a surprisingly easy and accurate application. Half the time its spot on guessing music you already know and love, and the other half its introducing you to music you probably should've known all along.

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